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Compaction Technologies, Inc., located in the Minneapolis suburb of Brooklyn Park, offers an exciting new solution to waste management. Our front-of-house trash compactors and PTC (restroom paper towel compactors)  can save you time and money by collecting and compacting trash in one step on site. Best of all, our at the source compacting gives you the freedom to install a unit anywhere customers dispose of their own trash in a public setting. 

What is “at the source” Trash Compacting?

Trash compactors or balers have been around for decades in “back-of-house” applications where filled trash bags are smashed together into 80-120lb. cubes.   These very large cubes are then tied-off, moved, and lifted into the trash dumpster.  Our compactors give the same benefit of reducing volume immediately upon collection without the added labor intense step.  When your customer disposes of trash in a receptacle provided by Compaction Technologies, the unit automatically flattens and reduces the size of the solid waste.  They don’t have to push open a door, or cram trash through a small hole.  Our hands-free deposit system uses a motion sensor to automatically open the trash door.  After trash is deposited, it’s compacted automatically and taken to the dumpster.  Not only does this decrease your organization's carbon footprint and increase cleanliness, it eliminates the need for your staff to empty the waste container several times a day, and avoids the added steps of compacting or baling in the back of the house. Depending on the trash volume your customers produce, your staff may only need to empty the front-of-house trash compactors once a day.  That saves a tremendous amount of labor that can be redirected elsewhere.

 Benefits of Choosing Compaction Over Traditional Waste Management Bins

Besides labor savings, having a customer-facing trash compactor improves the customer’s perception of your organization business with one glance.  We are proud to help facilitate your sustainability efforts through our ecotrash® line of compactors.   The eco-friendly logo on each unit shows your commitment to the environment and makes people feel good about their choice to patronize your company. However, the benefit goes far beyond what they can see.

 By replacing a single garbage can with a trash compactor, you could prevent 7,500 plastic bags from ending up in landfills. Although plastic bags are essential to contain the trash, they have physical, moisture, and oxygen barriers that slow the decomposition of solid waste in landfills. Compaction also reduces the number of trips trash haulers must make to retrieve  and haul trash to a landfill. Since these trucks average only three miles per gallon of fuel, reducing the number of trips can save over 3,000 miles per truck per year.

Why Compaction Technologies?

We are proud to have created a solution that is environmentally friendly, efficient, and cost effective. As a finalist in the 2016 BOLD Awards sponsored by the Association for Corporate Growth (ACG), we appreciate that our efforts have not gone unrecognized. Each year, ACG chooses to honor organizations that are daring, inventive, and bold while demonstrating excellence in corporate growth, imagination, and leadership.  Additionally, in 2014 we were recognized by AHE (Association for the Healthcare Environment) as an Innovation Award Nominee.  These awards highlight our efforts to bring forward new technology to save labor and be more sustainable in trash collection efforts of QSRs, Mall Food Courts, College Dining Halls, Event and Stadiums, Healthcare Facilities, and any high use restrooms.  We invite you to see for yourselves what a difference ecotrash trash compaction by Compaction Technologies can make for your company’s image and bottom line.

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We’ll be in the Big Apple from March 4th – March 6th to talk about compactors with owners and operators from across the country. Come check us out at Booth 2037! 

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Waste360 Writes About Compaction Technologies, Inc.

We were lucky enough to have Megan Greenwalt of Waste360.com reach out to us about writing an article on compactors and their benefits from a sustainability scope. 

It always gives us great pleasure to talk to folks about the different sustainability benefits that our compactors provide. Every day we aim to help our customers edge closer to achieving their waste diversion goals. 

Check out Megan’s article here.

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NEW & Improved Engineering

Reduced maintenance costs

Easy to clean and maintain

Space efficiency

Options to fit different needs


Reduce Environmental Impact

Significantly fewer trash bags used

Decreased volume of trash impacting landfills

Reduced amount of fuel used for hauling

Reduced emissions by garbage trucks


Consumer Friendly Options for Improved Customer Experience

Hands-free, motion-sensor activation

Reduced noise levels

Customizable finishes and branding


Why Compact?

 Think Time

Realize labor savings and increase efficiencies

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 Think Money

Realize cost savings

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Become more socially responsible

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